Organizational Information

The mission of Luke Lives On is to provide support, comfort and resources to families who have lost a child due to pregnancy loss or early infant death.


The philosophy of Luke Lives On is inspired by Luke 10.  We are to “love our neighbors as ourselves” and show compassion to those in need.

Organizational Description

Luke Lives On (LLO) is organized to charitably support families who leave a hospital after experiencing perinatal loss.  LLO will distribute memory boxes to local hospitals that do not already have a uniform system in place to distribute tangible support items to these grieving families.  The boxes will be donated and delivered to participating hospitals semi-annually, with distribution in the months of January and June.  Both months serve to memorialize Luke:  he was born an angel on January 21st, 2011 and was due June 14th, 2011.  It is our hope that the number of boxes delivered will meet the needs of the hospital during that six-month timeframe.  If they do not, LLO will make every effort to replenish the inventory until the next distribution date.  The LLO box is also available to anyone who has lost a child no matter the gestational age.  Please contact us if you know of someone who could benefit from our box.  We’ll be happy to send one to them right away.

Strategic Plan

Reports show that every year in the United States two million women (approximately one-third) experience pregnancy loss through a variety of causes such as miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy, termination, stillbirth, and fetal death, among other reasons.  With such perinatal loss, many women experience serious physical and emotional effects.  The risk of women experiencing postpartum depression, for example, is exceptionally high.  One study estimates that a mother’s risk for depression after a stillbirth is about seven times higher than a woman who has a live birth.

Many hospitals lack a uniform distribution system of tangible support items for families enduring perinatal loss.  LLO wants to establish the consistency needed to support the unique needs of these grieving families.  Our goal is to partner with hospitals both locally and nationwide and become that standard.

Luke Lives On is recognized as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit under EIN # 32-0342996