The Box

The Luke Lives On box is crafted with love for those families who endure perinatal loss.  It is our wish that no family leaves the hospital with empty arms.  The box contents will serve to provide comfort and support to these grieving families.

Grieving the Child I Never Knew


The Book:  Grieving the Child I Never Knew was a gift from my mother shortly after the loss of Luke.  Each and every time I read a chapter I felt as if it spoke directly to the feelings and emotions I experienced that day.  Having experienced loss through three miscarriages and the death of an infant son, author Kathe Wunnenberg, provides seasoned insight and thought-provoking questions that allowed me to reflect on my loss.



The Journal



The Journal:  I found it difficult to truly express my feelings to others.  The journal allows me to share my thoughts as needed.  It also served as a safe place for me to write letters to Luke.



The lamb
The Lamb:  So innocent and sweet, the lamb felt like a perfect symbol for Luke.  We used a lamb very similar to this on Luke’s casket spray.  That lamb lives on my nightstand and has found its way into my arms when I’m seeking something to hold onto when I’m upset or feeling blue.




The Ornament


The Ornament:  During some grief “googling” I was looking for ways to honor my Luke.  Upon one search I found this ornament by Willow Tree called Angel’s Embrace. It reminds me of the first embrace Luke must’ve received from the angels when he arrived in Heaven.



The Starbucks Card


The Starbucks Gift Card:  I love Starbucks Mocha Frappucinos.  They comfort me, and make me happy. Hopefully others will find comfort in their coffees, teas or yummy treats.




The Brochure


The Brochure:  Besides comfort items we wanted to ensure this box left resource items for the families after they return home from the hospital.  We had so many questions and little answers.  The brochure offers information on local support groups, loss books, a few websites and even some ways the child can be honored through various remembrance items.  Our LLO website will serve to provide even more resources than the brochure.



The Support Card


The Card:  We would love to form a relationship with the family who has lost their child, as we want to be a continual supply of prayer and support for them.  The card provides an opportunity for the family to provide LLO with some personal information so we can follow-up with them appropriately.  We want to honor those special days, like angel birthdays and due dates, and let the family know that we have not forgotten about their precious loss.